EWR Long Term Parking

The Benefits of Secure Long-Term Parking

There are many things to think about when you are planning a trip, especially if you’re traveling for a length of time. Whether your excursion is for business or for pleasure, the planning elements of a long trip are often daunting. Fortunately for those flying out of Newark, Airpark Newark offers EWR long term parking options. Our offsite parking location is incredibly close to the airport. We’re both convenient and reasonably priced for travelers. Unlike many other parking locations, we offer self park options which let’s you stay in control of your car.

Newark Airport Parking Shuttle

EWR Self-Parking Options

One of the things that make Airpark Newark special is its unique process. We offer a self-parking option that benefits our customers. Our close proximity to the airport offers residents of Newark and surrounding areas added convenience. Take the stress of parking out of the equation for your next extended trip. If you have an electric car, we can use one of our two electric car charging stations so it’s ready for your return. In addition to our safe parking lot which boasts a sturdy fencing system and security cameras, we also offer additional benefits that can save you money and even help you earn free parking!

Airpark Perks Program

Airpark Newark’s Airpark Perks program is perfect for those looking for EWR long term parking. The best part about it? You earn points every time you park with us, which you can redeem for free parking in the future. But why wait until the future to start reaping the rewards? If you sign up today, you’ll earn 10 free points, which you can cash in for a free day of parking! It costs nothing to sign up, so you have nothing to lose. Members have an online account where they can book and manage reservations. And you’ll always be eligible to receive our discounted daily rates. If you’re looking for added convenience, you should check out our app.

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App Convenience

Downloading our App gives you access to all of your information while you’re on the go. Use your phone or mobile device to make a reservation, change a reservation, manage your Airpark Perk points, and more! You’ll even be able to text us for pickup when you land back at Newark airport after your long trip. No more calling and waiting on hold for a shuttle, simply text us and we’ll be on our way! Managing your EWR long term parking reservation has never been easier than it is with Airpark Newark’s app.

Try Airpark Newark Today

If you’re looking for a simple self-parking solution for your next trip, look no further than Airpark Newark. Try us once and we’ll guarantee you won’t be disappointed. There’s a reason the Airpark name is synonymous with great service and even better benefits! We’re constantly raising the bar and would love for you to become part of the family. The next time you need EWR long term parking, make a reservation with us!