Airpark Perks Details

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When you become a member of our Airpark Perks program, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of our Newark Airport parking as well as even more conveniences.

Each of our members receives an online account where you can manage your reservations, store your vehicle and credit card information, access your frequent parker points, and more. Plus, each new member will receive 10 free points just for signing up! Each time you park with us, you’ll receive 1 Point per paid day of parking. Once you collect a certain amount, you can redeem them for free parking or V.I.P. service.

Whether you travel sparingly or you’re a business professional who frequently flies, our Airpark Perks program is the perfect way to make your Newark Airport parking experience even easier. Sign up today!

LTP Details

Program Benefits:

  • Free to sign up
  • No annual fee
  • Easy-to-use online account
  • Reward of 1 Point per paid day of parking
  • Discounted daily rate for members only
  • 10 free Points for signing up

App Features (for Members Only):

  • Fast and easy access to your profile, personal information, and point balance
  • Express check-in and check-out at the gate with our app
  • Access to past reservation vouchers and parking receipts
  • One-click pick-up requests upon your return
Airpark Perks

Frequent Parker Points

Make your Newark Airport parking reservation and earn one Point for each paid day of parking. Collect your Points and redeem them for free parking days.

Must make reservations through this website.


Free Day of Parking

Redeem your Points for a full free day of Airpark parking when you fly out of Newark Liberty International Airport.


V.I.P. Service

Redeem your Points for our V.I.P. Service that drops your car off at your terminal so you can head right home from the airport.