Airpark Offers Reliable and Affordable Newark Airport Parking

Travelers in the know have discovered where to find the best Newark airport parking, and it’s not at EWR. Airpark Newark is an absolute bargain, because not only is it affordable, but we provide the best parking service in Newark. Our facility is brand new with over 1,000 parking spots!

Each parking space is very large, allowing you to load and unload luggage with ease. All reservations made online are guaranteed, and a spot will be held for you on the day of your trip. Airpark Newark is a self-parking lot, instead of valet parking, allowing you to maintain control of your car and keys. Discover why you should choose Airpark Newark instead of battling the chaos at Newark Airport.

Newark Airport Parking

Secure Newark Airport Parking

It often surprises people when they discover the lack of security when parking at the EWR Airport. Airpark Newark prides itself on its high-tech security system, making it the secure choice for Newark Airport parking. Our self-parking lot is protected by tall and sturdy fencing surrounded by bright lights. Security guards patrol it around the clock while dozens of cameras work in tandem to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Shuttle Service with a Smile

Timing is everything when it comes to travel and making your flight on time is a cinch with Airpark Newark. Our shuttle service, which is included in the daily parking rate, operates every day of the year 24/7 and we pride ourselves on being punctual. A shuttle leaves the parking lot every 15 minutes beginning at the top of the hour. Our driver will load your luggage for you, and then you are dropped off in front of your terminal, where our driver will help unload your bags. Since Airpark Newark is very close to Newark Airport, getting to your flight on time is a snap. When you return from your trip, we will pick you up at the terminal and drive you back to your car.

Newark Airport Parking Perks

We recently expanded our lot to over a thousand spaces because our business has grown tremendously. The reason is that our loyal customers take advantage of our Airpark Perks Program. This program gives our best customers exclusive membership discounts and conveniences, plus ensures they receive the lowest parking rates. Each day your vehicle is parked at our facility you are rewarded a point, and once you’ve accumulated ten points, you’ll earn a FREE DAY OF PARKING. As a thank you for signing up for Airpark Perks, you are gifted ten points instantly! Members use an online account to manage their reservations and store their receipts and vehicle information.

Make your reservation today with Airpark Newark and enjoy peace of mind while saving money on Newark airport parking!