3 Reasons to Skip Newark Airport Parking Lots

If you’re planning a trip out of Newark Airport, you may be tempted to park in one of the Newark Airport parking lots. However, parking at EWR isn’t always convenient. At Airpark Newark, we encourage travelers to make a reservation with us instead. We offer an easy way to get to and from the airport and guarantee you’ll start and end your trip on a good note.

Here are three reasons to skip the Newark Airport parking lots and park with Airpark:


When you park in one of the Newark Airport parking lots, you won’t get the same security features that we offer at Airpark. Our parking lot features a secure fencing system, plenty of video surveillance cameras, and security guards on patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make sure your vehicle stays safe the entire time you’re away. At Newark Airport, we can’t guarantee the same thing.


If you’ve ever parked at Newark Airport, you know how costly it can be – especially if you park there long-term. At Airpark, we make airport parking affordable for our travelers. We offer discounted parking rates no matter how long you stay with us! In addition, we offer an Airpark Perks Frequent Parker program that guarantees members the lowest airport parking prices. We want to make parking the last thing you worry about; your vacation should be fun without the worry of high parking prices.

Traveler Benefits

Newark Airport parking lots offer a place to park and not much else. At Airpark, we offer a variety of traveler benefits to make your parking experience even better. Our complimentary luggage handling means you won’t have to drag your luggage across large parking lots. We’ll load it onto one of our shuttle vans for you and unload it when we drop you off at your terminal. When you return, you’ll receive the same treatment.

Speaking of shuttle vans, ours are fast, comfortable, and run frequently, so you’ll never have to wait more than a few minutes for a ride. In addition, Airpark offers free guaranteed reservations when you book with us. This means you’ll enjoy a guaranteed parking spot; you won’t have to worry about the crowds at Newark Airport parking lots and trying to find an empty space.

Your vacation starts at Airpark. Make your reservation and discover why we’re the premier choice over Newark Airport parking lots!